Thursday, 14 January 2021

Rook Rave

 A fair bit more snow fell overnight. The rooks are enjoying some seeds


  1. I worry a lot about the city birds this winter now that I (and probably other Seniors) cannot visit the Parks. Son Martin drops some seeds when he rushes back home after supper on Sunday. But it's not enough. I'll need to enroll more volunteers. I wish I could send our Toronto birds to your wife till Spring. And maybe a few to Seanhenge where the cupboard is also always full.

    1. In winter I do myself contribute to Margaret's efforts by hanging two feeders full of regularly replenished fatballs from the trees - you can see the end of the big tail of one rook hanging down from the tree. And the many crumbs that break off are eagerly consumed by the smaller birds. All species seem to tolerate each other peacefully and they follow what appears to be a shift system - rooks and jackdaws first thing in morning, mid-sized blackbirds, thrushes, starling etc later, then the little robins and dunnocks etc at noon. We also have a woodpecker who occasionally visits. A red squirrel uses the tree from time to time too. In the stream at the bottom of the garden a few herons hunt for the eels too. It's a busy place at times. Then at night the bats and hedgehogs take over. Oh and there are three cats that visit and tell awful miaowing lies about being hungry and starving, when we know they are well fed and well kept by their human servants in their own houses, although Margaret does sneak them a few treats.