Thursday, 29 July 2021

Should we all just...?

A young woman approached me in town today and said, "Excuse me," and as I prepared to deflect some unwanted marketing approach and walk quickly on she simply added, "don't you think it would be best if everybody just fucked off?"

I appraised her. She did not seem in distress. She was well-dressed and clean.

"Well the place is rather busy today," I said with a hesitant smile.

"No," she replied, "I mean everyone, everywhere. Would the world not be a much better place without us all?"

"Oh," I said, but not really sure what else, if anything, to say, so I added, "You might have a point."

"Sorry," she said, "I don't really know what came over me there."

And before I could say anything else, she was gone, walking away quickly with her brown pony-tailed hair swishing from side to side.

Perth is quite a small town with a small town centre. I may well notice her again. If I do I wonder  if I should ask her if she is ok? Maybe she would just tell me to fuck off.

Pretty much every time I go into town I pass by several ex-students from my many years of lecturing, some that I struggle to recall, and we often exchange brief words in passing. Some say something like "Hello Andrew," or "Hi there," while I attempt to remember who the heck they are, but I am fairly sure she was not one of those.

It was strange. But I quite like strange. Just so long as  it is not strangeness due to serious problems.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

A closed-in evening calm settles on the bay

Why can calm not settle everywhere? Some poignancy is added by an interpretation board telling me that right behind me as I took this photo is the site where Churchill, Eisenhower and many other major figures in WWII took over sea-view accommodation, stayed and met over several days to plot the details of the D-Day landings. Very interesting. Apparently the locals of remote little Largs were astonished when they recognised who was gathering amongst them.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Mallaig hotel room views

 Of  the islands of Eigg and Rum, followed by sunset over the Isle of Skye